Electrify your palate with sauces borne from a unique combination of flavors,
inspired by the Science of Cooking.

A Synthesis of Art & Science

The products from “Table of Elementz” were created because of a passion for the science of cooking. All science is an art in some form or another - but this science, this art; you cannot only feel physically, but emotionally as well.

We hope you learn to love our art as much as we do. The products from “Table of Elementz” fits whatever it is your imagination can create. From your white table cloth restaurant, to neighborhood bar and grill, the flavors from “Table of Elementz” will be there to help you every step of the way.

Cactus fruit and spicy Thai chili sauce gives this sauce just the right amount of sweet and spicy. Toss it with chicken or duck wings, use it as a signature dipping sauce for panko-crusted shrimp or brush it on smoked brisket or baby back ribs. This versatile sauce will transform your dining experience.


This tangy, sour fruit combined with the perfect amount of sweetness makes this sauce the perfect accompaniment for any grilled, smoked or roasted meat you'll be serving.